Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fuck Snow

My Life as of Now.

I love old school Escape the Fate with a feiry passion.

Dan retarded.

Coleden's amazing because he burnt me the new BMTH cd.

Beka and I are going to make a snowman tomorrow.

he'll be an emo one;; named Canola.

Family Force 5 makes me giggle.

I wanna dye my hair red.

hayley williams Pictures, Images and Photos

This shade

We don't have school tomorrow.

Because of all the mother fucking snow.

David better not be an ass and bring me muh starbucks.

He owes me.

I miss my Best Frannnnnn.

I got her Cristmas present.

But she'll have to forgive me, cause it'll get to Texas late.


Going to bed.

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